The Satoshi Awards is…A Movement.

Economic freedom is within reach… do you want it?

If the answer is yes, take a step outside of the system.

Consider The Satoshi Awards.

Ethical innovation, a movement on the blockchain --is the reality.

Are you ready to recognize it?

The Satoshi Awards is….a movement.

We want to showcase the very best in humanity. We want to facilitate the best ideas being recognized and pursued. We want to deliver a tool to people who want to use it to demonstrates voluntary participation in solutions that benefit everyone. Empowering a movement!

The Satoshi Awards is…fair voting.

Our voting system is fair.

What we call voting today is a far cry from what we have in mind.

The Satoshi Awards voting system is the model for a voluntary advanced system of voting.

No force, no coercion. The system isn’t representing anyone, not asking for anyone’s authority, simply recognizing the very best and setting a bar to measure ourselves against.

It won’t be perfect the first year, we seek to be constantly improving year after year.

How does it work? How does it benefit every participant? Ethical business people? Ideas and creators? Artists? What are Satoshi groups? Learn More.

The Satoshi Awards is…Tokeneconomics.

A utility Token distribution concept that empowers each recipient. Word of mouth is a marketing tool underutilized and under appreciated. There’s much evidence to suggest it’s much more powerful than people can even imagine. We want to use that advantage… to the benefit of everyone willing. Because, this could be seen as an experiment that could potentially alter business and human interaction forever.

Here is what we have in mind with these tokens:

The “investment” in a token(s) is going to be a sure bet.

Not only will it grant access to the Satoshi Awards DApp, and all its tools and services, it will demonstrate value in multiple areas that will continue to grow.

We will build an Application that is incredibly user-friendly as well as a positive experience for everyone in the crypto-tech world.

The Satoshi Awards is…winning.

Our desire to deliver a win for everyone. We want to collaborate with everyone who wants to guarantee a better tomorrow and start making it happen, now.


We want our sponsors to win. Hands down we want to give them the very best value. Our plan is to… at the very least, double their marketing dollar. How do we do that? Check out the slide deck.


We want our committee members to win. They graciously saw the potential of this opportunity and we want to reward them in several ways. Association with something that’s a significant positive for the movement for one!


We want our nominees to win! Not just on the day of the event, but every day, and with what we are bringing to the table, they can! Looking for all the positives is something we don’t do enough of… this is a way to change that!


We want our influencers to win!

By cross collaborating we can help each other grow and cross-pollinate ideas. On a weekly basis, we’re going to be providing content opportunities in all sorts of directions. Remember we’re looking for the best… and that’s going to lead us into some very exciting places!

Partners, Voters and Activists.

How do we get the opinion of the smart and capable people? How do we find the people who have hope for the future?

We aim to approach the smart (“book smart” to “street smart”), the innovative, the respected and capable people and ask them to participate. We want those people to understand they have a choice in the future. We want to demonstrate to them… there is a better way, that doesn’t require violence or coercion. We want people to work together, to help each other, to emphasize what really matters. This is a way. We want every participant to be a winner.

Our Team Members

Our team comes from all over the world. We have an enormous assembly of skill and ability that upon successful completion of the first year’s show will have demonstrated one example of just what is possible working together. We will shine as a team but will have grown as individuals. Each of our team will be winners.

The Movement

Typical in society these days, conflict and negativity has dampened the enthusiasm for this technology. It’s our goal to reignite the best in all of us. To demonstrate what we have in common, which is much, rather than what we disagree about, which is minute. To rally the best and brightest around what we all recognize as the best. How do we build trust and self-reliance in a world of lies and deceit? Follow us…

The Rest Of The World

The Rest of the World will win too! Seeing our shining example, they’ll have something to emulate. They may have the opportunity to recognize an opportunity! From the bottom to the top! We want to bring this to every town and city! Just one person from every community… and we’re hooked up to immense possibility!

The Satoshi Awards is…blowing people’s minds.

Putting on an Awards Show that blows people’s minds and connects with their hearts. A demonstration of creativity, ability and enthusiasm. Matched with principle.

This is a very young movement. We have a lot to learn, many skills to acquire, much to demonstrate. This is one way we establish ourselves as here to stay.

An event that snaps everyone to attention.

That fills their hearts and minds with all that is possible and good and sets the stage for what is to follow. With this technology, we can set the bar much higher and be transparent. It’s going to put the rest of the world on notice, there is a better way!

Being an example of what a Team of the very best can do working together as peers. Most people are not aware of the alternatives to the system’s form of organization.

But there is! And it’s powerful.

Take a step closer…let us show you.

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