The Team


Steve Ellis, The Satoshi Awards, Founder

Director at TecAV

Steve is one of the most sought after production managers and

designers in London's West End theaters. Over the course of a career that spans 20 years and thousands of venues across the world, Steve has developed a broad range of contacts in the world of professional theater.

The Satoshi Awards combines Steve’s love of musical theater and passion for cryptocurrencies and the promise of a new future they portend. Having been the chief technician for the week-long Anarchapulco event for the last four years, Steve has broadened his circle to include some of the top names in the crypto world. There’s no one better suited to making The Satoshi Awards premiere event of the cryptocurrency movement.


Phil Cogan, Business Administrator

Technical Analyst and Trade

Serial Entrepreneur. Formally trained as a sculptor, Phil has from the age of 17 started and run various businesses in North and South America. 

A firm believer in libertarian principles and success through perseverance, Phil has grown business as diverse as package delivery, manufacturing, IT consulting, IT education and Commercial laundry amongst others.


In 2007 he started working with challenged small and mid-sized businesses seeking innovative ways to use existing resources to transform them into focused and profitable operations, at times turning them to completely new markets. 

Recognizing that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency offer one of the best avenues to advance libertarian ideals by removing government from money and contracts and by bolstering personal autonomy, Phil is devoting his efforts to ensure that the people making this new world possible are lauded for their effort. 


Liz Madden, Event Organizer 

Director at NoNonsense Group

Liz is the co-founder of innovative staging and temporary structures company NoNonsense Group. A well-known figure in the live events industry who has more than twenty-five years’ experience developing relationships with clients and brands whilst ensuring the smooth delivery of projects from the initial concept discussions through to the final sign off of the project.


Her hands-on approach has ensured a good working knowledge of many aspects of the industry. Her attention to detail has proved invaluable when working on complex projects including festivals, global roadshows, international product launches, venue management, glittering award ceremonies, sporting events and bespoke structure builds. A previous long-time board member of the International Live Events Association and currently on the Production Services Association Council.

photo Chris .png

Chris Troutner, Developer 

Founder of  Permissionless Software Foundation

Chris is a senior JavaScript developer at and founder of the Permissionless Software Foundation ( 


He creates tooling for other developers in the space, to help them work with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain and build apps that interact with it. He helps manage the website and software at

Chris is developing the voting system for The Satoshi Awards, using the new SLP token protocol and the Badger Wallet app.

His great passions are sailing and promoting the use of peer-to-peer, uncensorable, reliable digital cash.